We visited: the Marne river

This time we’ll surprise you with a post that has nothing to do with tasting champagne, but it’s still related to that. It is about sailing on the river that flows in the middle of Champagne region (the area known as Vallée de la Marne), and somehow divides this region into the most two important champagne terroirs: Montagne de Reims (North) and Côte des Blancs (South).

We rented a small motorised boat (not expensive and very cosy), and started to sail from Epernay area down and up the river. Of course, we were accompanied by several bottles of champagne. Again, nothing fancy but beautiful in its simplicity and charm! I should have said that all of this was under 40°C and zero clouds. Epernay was melting under the sun and we have just found this amazing escape. The trip (return) was about 2.5h and I can tell you that we would have done another round if we were not mysteriously attracted by the small terrace where Christine, the lady owner of the boat renting place (bluenautic.fr) invited us for a delicious, French-style lunch.

Enjoy some photos from this 100% recommendable trip!

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