Why a champagne loungebar?

One hot day in August, walking down the Champagne Avenue in Epernay. Very few people adventured outside where the powerful sun was melting everything, including the desire to walk around the majestic avenue.

Being in love with Champagne, we took however a chance to have one more flûte before lunch…

Most of the maisons looked closed, but it was an illusion as everyone keeps the doors closed to preserve the cool air inside. We approached an imposing wrought iron gate and could see a nice lounge setting with 3 or 4 tables outside in the garden. And shade!

My partner went inside, stayed for a few minutes and then came back to the garden. Few minutes later, a young lady came down the white marble stairs of the maison holding 3 chilled bubbly flûtes. My partner had chosen a magnificent tasting option of three different champagnes of this house.

Only thinking back to those moments, I feel like I’m in heaven. The chilled glasses, the energetic bubbles, the superb notes… We realized there are very few things in life equal with that perfect moment in a lounge setting of a hot day in August!

Welcome to our Champagne Lounge Bar! Have a seat and let’s enjoy this adventure together!

the Lounge-Bar, October 2019