CLB scoring

CLB is based on our personal tasting impressions, reflecting commentary on nose, taste and bubbles…

As our tasting experience is developing quickly, we thought that will be interesting and fun to give each champagne we have tried a score and this is how our CLB (champagne lounge bar) score is born. We have decided to use points on a scale from 0 to 100 — the bigger the number, the better the score. Nothing new so far and… of course, this is a subjective matter, as we use our own nose, palate and feelings to establish the score of each bottle. As a base for our scoring, we have decided to use only four parameters: three (theoretically) objective – nose, taste, bubbles – and one subjective – the overall impression. This is not mathematics and this is not a flawless process. We are very much aware that tasting depends on so many influencing factors such as temperature, humidity, light, even environmental sounds or scents, our nose and palate capabilities, the condition the bottle was kept etc. We are however confident that our CLB will reflect as much as possible the spirit of each wine tasted.

Our scoring levels are:

100-95: an extraordinary champagne that will remain tattooed in your memory; this category will gather only mind-blowing, superlative, distinctive wines; this champagne is usually opened at very special occasions;

95-90: a great, elegant champagne that is always a pleasure to drink with friends or explore at a wine tasting; opening this champagne usually becomes a special occasion;

90-85: a good champagne that can accompany you well without any special reason, either before dinner or with it; usually having a good QPR (quality-price ratio);

85-80: a champagne that has no special attributes but you can still try it;

less than 80: not a recommended champagne, better not even try it; we doubt however that many champagne bottles could fall under this category.

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