We tasted: Cuvée de prestige “BB 1843”

ready to be open, outside in summertime
Besserat de Bellefon was the champagne chosen on Concorde flights
fine bubbles waiting to be enjoyed
great pale yellow color in the glass

Bonjour mes amis! This limited edition cuvée (only 1843 bottles made) belongs to the Liberté line of the sophisticated Besserat de Bellefon champagne house. It is a statement of #frenchytude, a hashtag that encapsulates the simplicity, elegance and desire of freedom that defines the famous savoir vivre of the French people. Champagne is an important element of this concept, and Besserat de Bellefon is bringing it out on the scenary (see the “Petit traité de Frenchytude”) to associate it with other excellent cuvées, such as Brigitte Bardot cuvée, from the same line. What envelops this cuvée is pure poetry knitting together both joy and nostalgia. You sip it and the first impulse is to party… but in a 20’s French style where the rich artistic and social lifestyle impulsed the cabarets to conquer the world. Les années folles have their legacy in this extraordinary cuvée. Tasting this bottle implies a huge responsibility: are you ready to travel in time to be contemporary with surrealist artists such as Max Ernst, Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí or Luis Buñuel, to enter Casino de Paris with une orchidée à la boutonnière et une coupe de champagne à la main like Scott “le Magnifique” Fitzgerald did in his years in Paris? If the answer is “yes”, than you’ll not be disappointed. Let’s see the tasting notes…

Cuvée BB1943 has a subtle nose of fresh grape and white-fleshed fruits, then revealing refined woody and creamy notes, toast and minerals, candied citrus flavors and zest. The real miracle comes on the palate, where the wine is vibrant, authentic, powerful and elegant. You feel the tense balance between sophisticated elegance and pure freshness. Fountains of fine bubbles are raising from the glass to make your senses float on that subtle line between reverie and anticipation. The palate has no chance but to surrender to the flow of this nectar of champagne, full of fresh acidity that gives place to a gorgeous fruity-spicy aftertaste. This champagne, even if it’s not a vintage (was released for the first time in 2013, for the 170’s celebration of the house) has some interesting ageing potential. I would say however it should be drunk rapidly as the philosophy behind this cuvée is not suitable with the long ageing. It has reached the plenitude now, but who knows?

We already enjoyed this cuvée twice, in different environments (winter time (inside), and summer time (outside)) and each time proved to be a real pearl of the Champagne crown.

CLB score


*take a look at our CLB scoring

Type of champagneExtra Brut
VintageNon Vintage
GrapesPinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay
MaisonBesserat de Bellefon (Epernay) (part. of Lanson -BCC group since 2006)
Village/terroirbased on Vallé de Marne (Cumières and Verneuil)
Agedsur lies 10 years
Sizebottle (75cl)
Number of bottles1843
Price range (euro)225-290
Chef de CavesCédric Thiébault
Other considerentsno malolactic fermentation, 50% of the wine sous bois, low pressure
Captain’s preference 🙂

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