We tasted: Dom Pérignon 2004

2004 Dom Pérignon tasting
Dom Pérignon at Moët&Chandon boutique, Epernay
2004 Dom Pérignon tasting

Dom Pérignon is the prestige line of the Moët&Chandon house which is only produced in the best years. It has become so popular that we think even if you don’t like champagne (which, in my opinion, is unbelievable) you probably have heard about it. The name comes from the inspired Benedictine monk, Dom Pierre Pérignon, who discovered the fizzy property of the wine in the Champagne region. The romantic story says he was the inventor of the sparkling wine, but in reality the climate was the main responsible. The unique weather (continental but with strong coastal influences from the North of France), especially when autumn comes, makes the fermentation of the wine to stop before the yeast had consumed the entire sugar from the must. Then a mild winter makes the fermentation start again, this time with the wine in the bottle (la deuxième fermentation). It was then when Dom Pérignon tried the wine and exclaimed “I’m tasting the stars”. This is what the legend says, but what we certainly know is that Dom Pierre Pérignon was a great cellarer (at the Abbey Saint-Pierre, Hautvillers) and he definitely had a big contribution in the creation of champagne.

The 2004 cuvée: the nose is elegant and vibrant with notes of freshly baked bread, almonds, white flowers, and hints of grapefruit. On the palate, it surprises you with its crisp but round mousse, followed by toast, brioche, citrus and exotic fruits. The bubbles are fine and persistent, like a prolonged symphony for all senses.

This is a graceful Champagne with firm acidity and smoky minerality, delivering a long, mouthwatering finish. This wine has an extraordinary keeping potential (experts say up to 2040). James Suckling states about this wine “Classic Dom is back!”

CLB score


*take a look at our CLB scoring

Type of champagneBrut
Grapes55% Chardonnay 45% Pinot Noir
Village/terroirAÿ, Bouzy, Cramant, Verzenay, Hautvillers
DegorgementSeptember 2019
Agedsur lies 10 years
Sizebottle (75cl)
Number of bottles≈ 5 million
Price range (euro)290
Chef de CavesRichard Geoffroy, Vincent Chaperon (>1st of January 2019)
Other considerents94 points on R. Parker, 96 points on J. Suckling
Chef de Caves at Dom Pérignon – change of generation: Richard Geoffroy (left) and Vincent Chaperon (right)

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