We tasted: Nicolas Feuillatte Palme d’Or Rosé Vintage 1996

special bottle of Palme d’Or Rosé 1996
beautiful color of Palme d’Or Rosé 1996

The Palme d’Or Rosé 1996 is a surprising champagne! Most of the reviews from 2014 to 2016 say it should be drunk soon, with no potential for keeping. We took however the chance and bought it in 2020. What a wonderful surprise! I admit, the bubbles are so fine that perhaps those enjoying more cheerful champagne would feel slightly disappointed. But, to compensate, the nose and taste are just beautiful. This champagne is a blend of Les Riceys Pinot Noir grapes (that provides the “Burgundy” style) and of Bouzy’s Pinot Noir reserve wines (used for the liqueur de dosage). The method known as “saignée” (skin-contact method) gives it a ruby colour with layers of reflection that distinguish the Palme d’Or from all other rosé champagnes. Of course, during the long ageing in the cellar, this ruby turns into a copper/dark orange colour. Magnificent nose with ripe raspberries, raisins, lemony quince, honey and vanilla. On the palate, it is rich and toasty, with hints of honey, red berries marmalade and nuts. The wine has a persistent mousse with a firm but elegant finish. The aftertaste leaves you with a mixture of vanilla, dry raspberries and cherries. Very important: mostly due to the long cellar time, it needs at least 30-40 minutes of aeration before drinking.

CLB score


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Type of champagneBrut Rosé
Grapes100% Pinot Noir
MaisonNicolas Feuillatte
Village/terroirLes Riceys, Bouzy
Agedsur lies at least 8 years
Dosagebrut (6g-12g/L)
Sizebottle (75cl)
Number of bottlesN/A
Price range (euro)185
Chef de CavesJean-Pierre Vincent(<2011),  David Hénault (2011-2017), Guillaume Roffiaen (>2017)
Other considerentsrosé de saignée
champagne Nicolas Feuillatte Palme d’Or Rosé 1996

Nicolas Feuillatte is the biggest union of wine producers in the Champagne region, gathering more than 5,000 winemakers. The story begins in 1972 when a French origin successful businessman from New York (USA), trading cocoa and coffee, had followed his dreams (but also his love, a young opera singer) and started his champagne house: The Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte. Nicolas used the 12 hectares of vineyard (inherited from his father) in Bouleuse village, a short distance from Reims. His high-level contacts (Kennedy, Onassis and many others) were thrilled and his champagne was very well received, becoming a must of the international jet-set. In 1986, Nicolas sold his champagne house to the first Champagne-producers union, le Centre vinicole de la Champagne (CVC) and retired from all business, but the commercial name is adopted by CVC. In 2019, Nicolas Feuillatte was the 3rd most sold champagne in the world and the leader of the French market.

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