We visited: Taittinger

We have already written about this prestigious Champagne house, now it’s also time to virtually visit its cellars. Despite being surrounded probably by no less than 15 millions champagne bottles, at 18m of profundity, the first thing that catches one´s attention is the incredible and fascinating history of the cellars (once part of the galleries of Saint-Nicaise church – built in the XIII century and destroyed during the French Revolution). The cellars of Taittinger are an important segment of Les Coteaux, an UNESCO World Heritage. They have served as citizen’s refuge during the World War I, when Champagne region, and especially Reims, was devastated by the German artillery. The messages carved on the walls are the testimony of the difficult times Champagne went through during history.

all the galleries have names, just like the city streets
an old religious statue
another place with historical or religious importance
a big conical space, probably used centuries ago for religious celebrations
a wall carving remembering La Résistance Française in the WWI
a close-up of the magnum bottles sitting sur les pupitres
champagne sizes: from the smallest to the biggest
some corridors and stairs are blocked by the falling rocks, maybe during the constant artillery hits
this place served as a religious worship hall
et voilà les jéroboams!
after visiting the cellars we were invited for a champagne tasting 🙂
Taittinger was the official champagne for the Women’s World Cup, France 2019

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